Wednesday, June 22, 2011


One of the big problems with the discourse on capitalism is that it focuses too much on the word "competition".' Is that what really defines capitalism?

Yes, there is competition. But it is competition within the boundaries of respect. It is a rivalry for the heart of the consumer. This love triangle between Company A, Company B and the consumer may cause friction. However, it stops being a free market when Company A violates the property rights of Company B.

And for that matter, one could argue that this "competition" is really all about listening to the consumer. That is, if Pepsi is making sweet soda and Pepsi sees its sales go up, Coca-Cola can make its soda sweeter. Thus by analyzing the actions of their purported enemy, Pepsi, Coca-Cola is indirectly listening to the needs of those who purchase carbonated beverages. Key word: Listening

And of course, what of the basic contractual transactions that occur in capitalism? The contract, whereby a consumer can turn over money for soda. This necessitates cooperation between two parties. Key word: Cooperation

So you can say that capitalism is driven by competition all you want. But the spiritual values of respect, listening and cooperation seem to capture the core truth of our free markets.



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