Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gandhi on Industrialization

"Industrialization is, I am afraid, going to be a curse for mankind. Exploitation of one nation by another cannot go on for all time. Industrialism depends entirely on your capacity to exploit, on foreign markets being open to you, and on the absence of competitors . . . India, when it begins to exploit other nations—as it must if it becomes industrialized—will be a curse for other nations, a menace to the world."

This quote didn't make Gandhi look very good. He was an educated man, probably exposed to economics. So what happened? He just didn't get it, it appears. So lets look at his other quotes:

"I know that man cannot live without industry. Therefore, I cannot be opposed to industrialization. But I have a great concern about introducing machine industry. The machine produces much too fast, and brings with it a sort of economic system which I cannot grasp. I do not want to accept something when I see its evil effects which outweigh whatever good it brings with it."

Having concern is Hnot so bad.

But still, you have to just give him a D on economics.



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